A feature for managing product risk

All products carry potential risks; cups shatter, batteries explode, web apps expose our private data. The potential that a product can cause harm increases when it becomes more complex. Companies that build complex products have a legal obligation to reduce the potential harm they can cause. 

In this case study, I will discuss how our team researched user behavior to understand the complexity of the risk management process, then designed and released a major new feature that would make that process easier.

Our goal was to enhance a requirements management application to allow users to analyze potential risks in their products. This tool already allowed users to build, review, and test every element of their product. But users also needed to prove to regulators that they had done everything they could to reduce the potential for their products causing harm.

Client market: Requirements Management
Role: Research, UX/UI design
Tools: Sketch, InVision
Methods: Task Analysis, Concept Tests, Usability Tests
Timeframe: Feb 2018 – Jan 2019

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