Not A Podcast Peter Russo Podcasts Sean McCusker

Not A Podcast Episode 1: ENTHUSIASM!

Fire at night


In which Pete talks about destroying art while Sean tries to sell him a smile.


  1. Frelinghuysen Morris House and Studio
  2. Artscape (Facebook)
  3. Ai Weiwei Vase Is Destroyed by Protester at Miami Museum (
  4. Miami artist destroys $1 million Ai Weiwei vase in protest (video,
  5. Somebody erases something
  6. Getting Things Done
  7. Going the extra mile: how enthusiasm can boost sales (
  8. Lichtenstein Center (Facebook)
  9. 40 Shades of Green (Berkshire Eagle)
  10. Resting Bitch Face (UD)
  11. Pete’s Work
  12. Sean’s Work
  13. First Friday Arts Walk
  14. Steven Valenti’s Clothing for Men FFA РApril 4th, 2014


Sean McCusker
Sean McCusker
Peter Russo
Peter Russo

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